About Us

Welcome to our Veterans Travel Club!

Veterans Travel Benefits (VTB) mission is to provide fellow Veterans the opportunity to travel at the lowest possible prices we can find. Travel can be across town, across the state, across our great country, or around the world.

OUR VISION: Ensure that all honorably discharged, retired, and active duty Veterans are able to access travel benefits with ease. Additionally, this organization recognizes the many sacrifices made by the Veteran and their families on behalf of our country. They are there for us, we are there for them.

We understand the unique needs of Veterans because we are Veterans ourselves. We’ve been in the same situation where our travel/vacation dollars were limited and we couldn’t get those “great” vacations that everyone else was talking about over the water cooler. This travel platform was created with the Military Veteran in mind.

In addition to travel, VTB provides deals and discounts on everything from Movie Tickets and Groceries to 5 Star resorts.  VTB is able to provide these savings and benefits to fellow members because of the vetted relationships we have made with companies like Snazzy Traveler (whose proprietary technology guarantees we beat any public travel site on the market today).  We are continuing to vet new partners so that we can bring even more savings and opportunities to our fellow Veterans and their families.

As retired Navy Senior Chiefs, Kim and I have enjoyed the flexibility of being able to combine work and travel.  So we frequently jump in the car and head off to new locations for just a change in scenery.  In doing so, we have run into many fellow Veterans who still have to struggle to put together the funds to take their families on a memorable vacation.

We have attended countless vacation club presentations during our travels and have decided that it really isn’t necessary for an outrageous monthly fee, annual maintenance fees, and excessive long-term planning that these clubs sell in order to take one’s family on a solid, luxury-feeling vacation!

With the help of our partners, booking hotels at a discount, searching the Marketplace for condo type living, or finding other types of travel and discounts…all to save the Veteran money.

INCENTIVES:  Not only will our members be receiving great value/discounts for their spending dollars, but we will also be giving back to our members in the way of prizes/incentives. We want you to be happy with our services and stay with us for years to come so we will be doing:

  • Monthly “drawings” which all members in good standing are automatically entered for prizes like iPads, trips, etc.
  • Members that are active with us in forums, blog commenting and social media platforms will also receive surprise incentives periodically.

GIVING BACK: Our organization is also giving back to our fellow Veterans that are experience difficult times or are in need in even bigger ways like our wounded comrades.  Twenty percent of all membership fees will go the Gary Sinise Foundation that works daily to serve and honor our Defenders, Veterans, First Responders and their families.  We want our community to lead in rallying “real” help for our comrades when they need us the most. You can be part of that by making an individual or group tax-free donation. The process is fast, easy, and secure. We truly appreciate any support you can provide. It will benefit a great cause!

If you have any question, please feel free to email us at admin@veterantravelbenefits.com or call (706) 330-7646.